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2nd Hand Mall is a marketplace platform that will make buying and selling Electronic easier. Upgrade your phone to the latest model - browse deals on Apple and Samsung. Get your hands on the hottest deals for computers, smart watches, game consoles, TVs and more. Using our 2nd Hand Mall Protection, our app is the best way to buy and sell Electronic.


2nd Hand Mall is well-positioned to help them reach out to a sizable audience as it is easy for anyone or any business to use. It is an alternative channel for business to generate sales as we expect online shopping will continue to be an important channel even after the resumption of all physical retail activities.

We believe that everyone can buy and sell in a safe environment. Sellers can sell their used or unused items fast and buyers can purchase their item at a favourable price.

Get more buyers to enquire your item daily

From Facebook ads to Google Ads, we are actively pushing your item to our buyers. Our sizable audience is ideal to drive more sales. Anyone can easily tap on our highly engaged community for better sales.

2nd Hand Mall Protection Plan

Use our FREE 2nd Hand Mall Protection plan to protect your payment. Only pay when you receive your product. No more scams!


13 ways to get cash during covid19

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing its assault on our economy, forcing businesses to close, lay off workers or reduce their hours.

Many may need quick cash or risk depleting their saving.


How to sell/ buy online during Covid19

In that past, people met up with each other in the past. Now, people try to avoid coming into contact with the infectious virus.

It hasn’t stopped buying and selling online during the crisis. Many have changed the way in which it delivers the items and only takes online payment.


How to price your used item

This may sound simple, but how to appear being a mindful and reasonable online seller can be a challenge.

Here are four hints in more details.



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